Confessions of a Shopaholic

Monday, 18 September 2017

For us, nothing pours the sunshine on a dull day more than a good old splurge on some new threads. Shopping just has this unprecedented ability to bring out a smile, it is what fills us with an unparalleled explosion of confidence, the very thing that allows us to wake up and tackle the day with the same confidence as Sasha Fierce. Shopping is fantastic. However, like everything else in life, too much of a good thing can be bad, and that rings so true with retail therapy.

That feeling of getting new things can be euphoric, and that is how most shopping addictions start off. Unfortunately, like most addictions, being a shopaholic can have a detrimental effect on both your emotional health and your financial stability. Not good. What's more, big blowouts and splurges tend to rear their fantastically gorgeous heads at the most inopportune times, completing neglecting any money-savvy etiquette you may have been trying so hard to uphold as you see your bank account empty and your number of unworn-slash-unopened items in your closet increase.

The good news, however, is that you are here. The good news is that you have realised that you maybe have a problem. So, without further ado, here are some top tips and techniques to help you.

Try and Workout How Severe This Habit Is. The First step to fighting the good fight is to work out just how hardcore the battle you are entering is. It could be that you are not in as deep as you think you are. However, if you are hiding your credit card receipts, have a closet full of shoes that have never met your feet, or Marc Jacobs jewellery that has never hung from your wrists or neck, it's time to take action.

Time to Figure Out How You Feel When You Shop. You have already established that you have fallen head over heels in love with shopping - even though you maybe feel guilty after making a purchase - so the big question you need to ask yourself is, "Why the heck do I love shopping so much?" Is it the thought of getting new things that make you happy? Is it finding a bargain that fills your belly with fireworks? Is it just walking around and handing over a card and getting things in return? Do you have an addiction for just one kind of item? By answering this, you will be able to better understand why you do what you do, which could help you better overcome your ability to totally out spend what you bring in.

What Happens To Your Belly When You Shop? This may sound like a stupid question, but it is so important to know just what triggers you to go shopping so that you can address it properly. It is things like knowing that you spend the most when you are feeling a little down in the dumps, or that you have major splurges after an argument with your boyfriend or your boss. It could just be that you go shopping whenever you feel lonely or bored and this is kind of like an expensive hobby of yours that helps cheer you up. Another thing to make a note of is how you feel after you have bought something - guilty, depressed, worried, elated, panic-stricken? Knowing how you feel will better help you find out how to cope with this issue.

Grab This Addiction By The Horns and Handle It. If this addiction of yours has started to have a knock-on effect and implicate other parts of your life, such as your sleep, your health, your bank balance, credit rating or the amount of debt you are in, then it s time to take action. First things first, cut up your credit cards and store cards. Do it. Now. Next up, create a plan to get your finances back in order, which means creating a budget and looking into getting some secured loans for debt consolidation. Once you have a plan in place, it is time to come up with a plan for moving forward. For example, instead of going out with your cards, only take cash, that way you can't be tempted to buy anything other than the things you set out to buy. If you have a real issue, then do all you can to avoid those shops you love, and if your issue is online shopping unsubscribe to all the email.

Replace This Habit/Hobby With Something Else. When you feel a sudden rush of blood start to surge toward your purse, the kind that makes you need to buy something, focus your time and energy on something else. It could be a trip to the gym, it could be yoga, or lego club or gardening. It could be that you volunteer your time in the local community or you go and see your family or just read a book. Whatever it takes to take your mind off shopping.

Like we said, you've done the hard part in accepting your problem. Now it is up to you to find a solution. Good luck.

2 comments on "Confessions of a Shopaholic"
  1. Everyone loves shopping, including me. If you are dipressed, you go for shopping and shop whatever you want. But, we are wasting a lot of money in buying expensive items just to overcome our stress. We should develop some other activities rather than shopping.

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