Moving On & Moving House

Wednesday, 23 August 2017
Two years since I moved to London and I had only lived in one place. One room in a tiny flat with a kitchen big enough for one person to cook at one time, no dining space, a bath tap that constantly leaks water, mice as pets and a rent price equivalent to a zone 5 1 bedroom flat. But all of this becomes irrelevant when different strings attach you to a place.

It was the place I moved into with my ex. I hosted my first Christmas roast in that room. Our relationship broke down in that room. Those walls saw me cry for days, they saw a multitude of panic attacks and heard me talk to myself out loud too. More importantly, it's where I grew, re-discovered myself and became the person I am today. That is when I knew I needed to move on.

I used to think 'moving on' is something you did when something happens. But that's not the case. I realise that I am constantly moving on. Whether it's from a person, place or situation. I think that comes with my new ability to recognise when things, people, etc bring no more value to my life. That's the point you move on, let new people and experiences in and that is how you grow!

The other great thing about moving on in this case is home interior shopping! So keep your eyes peeled for a haul.
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  1. prosit rebecca, hadt gost hafna naqra dal-post. Keep it up my friend and we are all very pround of you xxx