Those Styles That Just Won't Budge

Friday, 5 May 2017

There area a few styles out there that just won't leave. There are a number of brands that have got such a stranglehold on their field that they simply can't be overthrown from its helm. There are a few pieces of clothing that just won't ever not be 'in'.

One might wonder why this is. Could it be because consumer know they can fall back on these styles when they are devoid of inspiration? Probably yes. Why would you waste your efforts picking out a new style or ensemble when you can just go for the trusted classics? Why would you want to waste your time trying to figure out the latest 'in' style, only to find it is 'out' tomorrow? subsequently leaving you 'out' too. It could also be about money because investing in something that is tried and trusted is always a sound investment. All of these aspects contribute to keeping these styles at the top of their respective fields, but what are these styles that just won't budge?

They different between the two genders, but generally these styles are based upon the same things. The male styles that will never go out of style include the plain crew neck t-shirt, the polo shirt and black leather shoes. The women fashion trends that just won't die include plain v-neck t-shirts, the turtleneck and high heels. They are based upon the ability for those that wear them to be able to customise them in whatever colour and style they see fit. Maybe these styles have proved so popular for such a long period of time because they offer up the chance for the other styles to benefit from them?

Heels, a staple in women's wardrobe for many years

Or maybe they have thrived, and continue to thrive, because of social norms? Timepieces have been a staple of wrists for nearly as long as time itself (OK, maybe not that long). They haven't yet, and probably never will, go out of style. But this isn't necessarily because they are an accessory that offers a practical use. With the advancement of mobile phones, and what with everybody and their dog now owning one, everybody has an easy to read clock at their disposal. So, watches haven't stuck around this long just because they can help you to tell the time. No, they've stuck around because they ooze style and because everybody wants to at lease a little bit stylish. And there are even brands of watches that are just as famous as the items themselves. there's nothing like the Rolex vintage, and this brand of watch has become synonymous with the accessory.

With these styles at the forefront, is there any room left for styles of the future to find a place of their own? The internet offers up a whole host of different style inspirations, and what with everything else the internet has changed you wouldn't bet against it.
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