Rimmel London VS. Barry M Nail Polish Review

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

My biggest collection of products in the beauty department is nail polishes. I am addict to nail polish. An addiction I owe to Rachel from Beauty & The Bird who used to sport jazzy nail colours back in uni 7 years ago (this makes me sound old) and who was the first person I bought my first nail polish with. Now I can't walk past a nail polish stand without getting one and there are too many stands in Boots. So it was a matter of time before I get the same shades in my collection.

Blue is one of my favourite colours for spring and summertime and I've got so many that I kind of forget the different shades I own and thus I recently ended up purchasing a Barry M Gelly Nail Polish in the shade Blueberry
that looks exactly the same as the Rimmel London Rita Ora Nail Polish in the shade Bestival Blue. This phenomenon calls for a comparison review so as to help me justify the extra money spent on something I clearly didn't need. Or did I? Which one is better? Well, following my little experiment I have made a decision and here are the results. 

Application. Both nail polishes have a wide brush, Rimmel London's one being the widest and I find this makes it easier to apply. Upon application I like the Rimmel London finish over the Barry M. Rita Ora's nail polish looks fine with one coat on whereas the Barry M nail polish was still a bit translucent in areas which required a second coat for an even finish. Although the Barry M nail polish in this review is from the Gelly range there is no difference to the Rimmel London nail polish by Rita Ora. 
Winner: Rimmel London Rita Ora Nail Polish

The drying stage. This is the most crucial stage for busy people. I've got no time for nail polishes that take ages to dry or remain tacky for a long time. Because I only did one coat of the Rimmel London and two of the Barry M, the latter obviously took longer to dry. But I'm pretty convinced that if you were to settle for one coat of the Barry M it would take about the same time as the Rimmel London nail polish to dry, which was not long at all (half the length of a Michalaks video). 
Winner: Draw.

Longetivity. Also crucial for busy people because having to redo a manicure a million times during the week is not really helpful. Unfortunately when I remembered I needed to take 'after' pictures I had already taken it off. But I am going to be completely honest (and I'm not sponsored in anyway). I had the manicure on for 6 days. Both hands were chipped at the top of the nails. The right hand however, the Barry M hand, was chipped a lot more. Three of the nails were chipped half way down the nail at the sides. It is because of the hand sporting the Barry M nail polish that I felt the urge to remove and redo my manicure in fact. The nails painted with the Rimmel London varnish, although slightly chipped at the top, still looked very decent. This is a general trait with the Rimmel London Rita Ora Nail Polishes.
Winner: Rimmel London Rita Ora Nail Polish. 

Value for money. The Rimmel nail polish is £2.99 and the Barry M Gelly nail polish is £3.99. Just a pound difference between the two, which makes the race even harder. 
Winner: Considering that Rimmel won two of the categories and is cheaper it has to be... Rimmel London Rita Ora Nail Polish. 

Both brands are renowned for their good products and cheap price tags which can create a bit of confusion when deciding which to pick. I hope this review helps sort things out for you. I pick Rimmel London Rita Ora Nailpolish, what do you pick?
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