Embroidered Flowers & Fluted Sleeves | Spring/ Summer Style

Monday, 22 May 2017
Topshop Embroidered Shirt and Dune Bag in the Maltese Rocks

Following a week of rain in the London the flowers surely should bloom on our clothing. Despite the sun which should make more frequent appearances spring can still be a bit chilly and long sleeves can be beneficial. However, long sleeves don't mean letting go of the spring vibes. Add a fluted sleeve and you have the perfect spring shirt. Take a look at this look featuring a shirt from Topshop. Styled with fantastic pieces this smart casual look clashes with the beautiful Maltese rocks.

Topshop Shirt, Zara culottes, Zara shoes, Malta beach
Shirt - Topshop / Trousers - Zara / Shoes - Zara

Topshop shirt, zara culottes, zara shoes

Topshop shirt, zara culottes, zara shoes

Topshop Shirt
 Shirt - Topshop

Topshop shirt with embroidered flowers

Topshop shirt with fluted sleeves

Zara Block Heel yellow shoes

Dune London Mini shoulder bag in blush pink

7X via ASOS aviator sunglasses in gold
Sunglasses - 7X via ASOS

This smart casual look although still featuring long sleeves has all the necessary spring and summer style features. The whole look is very light with white and grey being the main colours. A pop of vibrant colours are added through the embroidered flowers on the Topshop shirt which are blue and red with green leaves and the yellow shoes from Zara. The blush pink Dune Line bag adds to the spring characteristics of the look while clashing beautifully with the shoes. And take the time to appreciate the beauty of this bag. Besides the colours within this outfit, spring is also defined through various architectural features of the pieces. Embroidering, fluted sleeves, culottes and pointed toes are all features that you should look out for to create the ultimate spring look. 


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