3 Ways to Style a Neckerchief

Wednesday, 10 May 2017
Versace 1969 Neckerchief

Neckerchiefs are quite the big thing this season whether worn around the neck or not. For me this is quite a new style as I wasn't a big fan until recently. I'm digging the Parisian style now and I have 3 ways to style them that I absolutely love.

Jazzing up a t-shirt with a neckerchief

Jazzing up the t-shirt. With luxe sportswear being a trend and all that, a neckerchief is a nice way to jazz up a t-shirt and create the sporty-chic look. I think a neckerchief is a great addition to a casual outfit, as in this outfit I styled previously from some pinterest inspiration. It's that unexpected final touch, that generally gets loads of compliments.

Styling a low v-neck with a neckerchief

With the extreme v-neck. For those in UK or other countries where spring has not quite left its warm effects yet, this is a good one to use your spring wardrobe but not risk pneumonia. This low v-neck top that I am wearing, from Zara (watch Zara Haul here), is the perfect addition to a spring wardrobe due to its light material. However, the low neckline has repelled me from wearing it because it's been quite cold. On the other hand adding a full blown scarf is not particularly spring look. The answer - a neckerchief. Keeps your neck warm, covers your 'bare' chest and adds a nice flare to the look.

Creating a choker look with an off-shoulder top

Attention at the back of the top with an inverted neckerchief look

The off-shoulder twist. This is my favourite of all. Very french and chic. Absolutely love it. If you have any plain off-shoulder tops, this is perfect for you. Brighten up your look with a neckerchief round your neck. Instead of having the know at the front, turn it towards the back. This way you end up with a choker look effect on the front and dangling bit at the back. And if it's one of those 'pineapple hair' days, perfect. This look will draw the attention to the neckerchief not the hair. Win-Win!

Simple really and a great way to umph plain tops and looks. If you don't want it round your neck you can also opt to make it into a belt or belt hoop accessories. You can also tie it round the strap of a plain bag. With very short neckerchiefs you can tie them round your wrist for a more punk rock look. Here are some neckerchiefs on the highstreet that might interest you.


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