How To: 5 S/S 17 Beauty Trends

Thursday, 6 April 2017

A few posts back I wrote about 5 beauty trends for this spring and summer. Yesterday I also shared 10 new products, launched for spring and summer, that are my current beauty wishlist. However, new beauty trends do not mean new products because it is usually pretty easy to make use of what you already have. This is exactly what I'm doing today. I'm going through the 5 trends again and showing you a finished look and products I used. 

Clear & Glowing Skin. Natural, foundation free skin is ideal but if. like me. you need to cover redness or spots you can always use a foundation with a natural finish. Add some highlighter for that instant glow and bit of blush to give your face life and a natural flush.

How To Create 5 S/S 17 Clear & Glowing Skin

Smudged Eyeliner. Yep, smudged eyeliner. To create this effect brands have launch eye gloss but I decided to make my own. You only need two products; a pencil eyeliner and a clear lip gloss. All you have to do is literally smudge some eyeliner on to your eyelids and then pat on some clear lip gloss.

How To Create 5 S/S 17 Smudged Eye Look

Coloured Eyelids. Not into the black and smudged look? How do you feel about a bit of colour. Just a wash of any colour. Very 80s! Most palettes have that one shade that you feel like 'I'm not wearing that' and there it stays untouched. That's probably the shade to go for. Ironically, I have a whole palette composed of just those shades.

How To Create 5 S/S 17 Coloured Eyeshadow

Classic Winged Liner. If the last 2 looks are too bold, don't worry, the classic winged liner is a thing. You can never go wrong with classic. Ideally, a felt tip eyeliner is used for the cleanest finish but it is entirely up to you.

How To Create 5 S/S 17 Classic Winged Liner

Summer Red Lip. Another classic, as opposed to the glitter lips that did not make it in the top 5 trends because it's not really that wearable. Usually the dark shades are put away as winter leaves us but this time any red will do. Actually, any red is great. I obviously had an extensive choice of reds to chose from but I opted for the one with the best finish to go with this natural look. Matte and stain-like rather than extremely bold. I achieved this using a product that has a sponge for an applicator but you can achieve the same finish with a brush or my using a separate sponge.

How To Create 5 S/S 17 Summer Red Lips

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