5 Things to Do On 'I Just Want to Chill' Days

Thursday, 20 April 2017

I've started this post a thousand times. Each time writing an introduction for a different topic. Clearly, I'm struggling despite my content schedule that states clearly what post I should be working on. So instead I thought it would be more useful to talk about some of the things I do when I'm having one of those 'I just want to chill' days.

Pamper myself. Face mask, essential oils, basically all the products that I use to spoil myself a little. Sometimes I find myself not pampering myself at all and having these days reminds me that I need to take care of my body and soul.

Read. I enjoy reading very much but I dedicate very little time to it. Partly because I'm constantly attached to my laptop typing away or editing and by the time I'm done all I want to do is cover myself in Magnesium Oil Spray and go to sleep. So when I'm being unproductive I read. If you read things that are related to what you should be doing that is in many ways helpful. I tend to read loads of blogs and that serves as inspiration to a possible writer's block that I won't admit I'm having.

Netflix. If I'm chilling I'm not holding back. Netflix is my ultimate chill pill. In fact I try to watch something everyday while I'm having dinner but there's nothing wrong with having a day where all you do is watch back to back episodes on Netflix. Right now I'm hooked on Call the Midwife. Oooo I love it! Struggling not to watch another episode right now.

Meditate. The 'I just want to chill' feeling is our psyche's way of telling us we have too much on our plate. Sometimes so much is going on that you're on autopilot mode and just doing things for the sake of completing a to-do list (something I'm quite fond of). If I don't address this straight away I may end up with a few unproductive days and that is not helpful. Meditation is how I address it. Taking a step back and clearing your head and thoughts is very effective. No need for me to tell you.

Bust some dance moves. Yes, dance. Location - My room; Dress-code - My PJs. I blast out some music and just dance and sing and let out all the energy. Sometimes I find certain songs that appeal to me and that is how I realise and express certain feelings. Music is a well-known method of expression and a good workout. My neighbors can vouch for my love of this 'chilling' method.
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