4 Ways to Decorate with a Lantern + Debenhams Discount Code

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Almost every home decor picture you can find this season features a lantern. This is enough reason why you need one too. But how would you decorate with a lantern? I have 4 ways to do it. Correction, I have 4 instagram worthy ways.

There are different kind of lanterns, of course choose the one that best fits the style of the room where you will be putting it. Mine is the modern type, which is an irregular prism with a bronze-gold frame and glass all the way round, from Debenhams. If you are looking for any sort of lantern I do recommend Debenhams not only because they have an incredible home section this season but also because luckily they have a huge variety of lanterns. Read till the end for a Debenhams discount code.

Lantern, from Debenhams, with a candle for the living room or garden.

Candle in the Wind...Not! This is the most common use of the lantern which is not surprising given that it's the original use of a lantern. This is perfect for any room in the house where you like having candles, particularly the living room or bedroom. It adds an extra detail to a simple candle and a variation to the standard candle holder. Also perfect for those summer days when you have people over for a BBQ or just hanging around in the garden. Actually, in this case, the lantern plays more than just an aesthetic role as it shelters the candle from any wind making sure you don't have to spend the night running around with a match box to keep your candles lit. 

Lantern, from Debenhams, with a plant (from New Look).

Plant Pot or Terrarium. Whether artificial or real it doesn't matter but placing a plant in a lantern looks quite cool. Obviously if you're placing real plants make sure you get a lantern like this one, with the top open. You can go the extra creative and messy mile and create your own terrarium. You just need soil, a few succulents and moss and some gravel. Terrariums in this type of lantern are very common to decorate a home for spring and pinterest will definitely be of great inspiration.

Lantern, from Debenhams, with LED lights (from amazon) to create your own bedside lamp

DIY Bedside Lamp. This is my favourite. All you need, besides your lantern, are fairy lights which are also easy to get. The set of lights I used are from Amazon and have 20 Micro LEDs on silver wire. Getting LEDs on a wire is best because it allows you to give the wire the shape you want it to and it will stay in that shape. Once you get hold of fairy lights just put it in the lantern and that's it. You've made your own lamp. Of course, the brighter you want it to be the more LEDs you have to use so don't forget to take that into consideration. 

Lantern, from Debenhams, used to store cotton balls

Cotton Ball/ Pad Holder. I don't think I need to explain that storing your cotton balls/ pads in lantern looks more chic than leaving it in its grubby packaging. This will give your dresser an modern and polished touch. Also, I think the effect the cotton balls create through the lantern's glass is just unique. There are other things you can use the lantern for in on your dresser, such as jewelry storage and makeup brush holder, depending on size and shape.

As you can see lanterns can be so much fun. The key is to determine where you want to decorate with it and then figure out what purpose it might have in that room. Be creative! I'm so chuffed with my lantern and my final decision was to temporarily use it as a bedside lamp. 

I do recommend hopping onto the Debenhams website for your lantern because their range is varied and it is highly likely you will find 'the one' there. If you do, then I have some discount codes to share with you. The site Codesium, which always has amazing deals and codes for different brands and stores, have three different discount / promotion codes for Debenhams and a competition to win a £100 gift voucher from Debenhams too. In addition to Debenhams sale you can get an extra 10% if you spend £50 or more. Think how much stuff this will get you! This code ends on Monday but keep your eyes peeled because Codesium always has more.

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