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Sunday, 5 March 2017

This is one for the shoeaholics or anyone who is thinking of by a new pair of shoes. I'm going to show 6 shoe features to look for if you want your shoe purchase to be full of S/S 17 trend.

Straps on shoes from ankle straps to straps all along the foot.

Straps. From just an ankle strap to straps all along the foot. A feature not just on sandles but also added to court shoes as did Acne Studios and Louis Vuitton. Loving the extra support.

Colour block in shoes like Chanel and Louis Vuitton

Colour block. I feel like Chanel was one of the prime influences for this trend in shoes last season too. Happy to see that they kept their black tip and light shade for the rest of the shoe. Even happier to see the colour block trend going strong with other designers too.

Block heel on shoes was seen by most designers

Block Heel. Yes! This is staying. The comfort that comes with a block heel is too dear to let go of. Don't worry it's going strong this season too, whatever the size of the heel.

Kitten Heels for a feminine and vintage look

Kitten Heel. I see this as a bit of a compromise between the stiletto and the block heel. Another plus is that generally it is a mid-heel. Very feminine, this vintage look is back.

Pointed toes, extreme points will make you feet look slimmer.

Pointed Toes. Squeeze those toes together into the narrowest point you can think of. Doesn't really sound comfortable does it? Maybe try a size bigger if you go for this style. I mean you have to be able to walk in shoes after all. The benefit of a pointed toe is that it elongates your foot and that would make it look slimmer too.

Square toes perfect for wider feet and a very modern look

Square Toes. If you're not comfortable with the pointed shoe than this is for you. The total opposite. As square as you can ever immagine. Especially if the shoe has a block heel too, this style is very modern. Of course, the opposite of the pointed heel, this will make your feet look wider. As someone who has wide feet naturally I might not pick this look, even though I really like it.

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