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Wednesday, 8 March 2017
Isabel Marant, Gucci, Saint Laurent & more showing the Eighties trend

We've had the 90s trend for a while now fasten your seat-belt, we're going back another decade. Rewind to the 80s; bring out the puffy sleeves and big shoulders, the spandex, v-necks and cinched in waistlines. That is the trend in a nutshell and if it's not clear yet think Princess Diana, of course minus the spandex. Can you imagine yourself going for a night out in that Gucci dress? You can also go tame like Philosophy. If you're unsure, just see what you think of some of the items below from various high-street brands.

The Eighties Trend from high-street brands

This is one of those trends you can choose to go super wild with or just find a good and comfortable compromise between having balloon shoulder pads or having some simple frilling. Either way, I'd say embrace it and pretend you're in Dirty Dancing.
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