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Thursday, 30 March 2017

This is my monthly pinterest inspiration for the month of March. If you have read the first two you may have realised I changed the title from 'recreation' to 'inspiration'. I think Pinterest Inspiration makes more sense as I don't always recreate the outfits as they are but am inspired to create a similar outfit that is adapted to my style, comfort and available items. This disclaimer aside, I want to show you this casual and stylish outfit. 

Photo by & of Adriana Gastelum

This pin was from an article by Adriana Gastelum (in the picture) who is a fashion and style blogger. She is an amazing blogger and I'm in love with her style so when I found this on Pinterest it was an easy choice for me and pinned it instantly on my oufit inspiration board. She styled a pair of skinny jeans with a shirt and cami top over and accessorised with brown shoes and bag. I love the cami trend and is perfect way to layer, however I never layered it over a shirt. The choice of layering gives the whole look a smarter look. Here is how I was inspired and what outfit I produced thereafter. 

Pinterest Inspiration Outfit, shoes (topshop) and bag (zara)

Pinterest Inspiration Outfit, Cami & Shirt. New look

I opted for trainers because I knew I was going to be walking for a long time that day. The trainers still have a stylish vibe to them with a gold stripe down the sides. The red bag is from Zara and it has gold detailing (gold chain and clasp) that compliment the shoes. The choice of colour really made the outfit pop out and gave it some spring life. 

Funnily enough all my outfit was from New Look. I only realised when I was creating the labels. They're all items I got a while ago so might not be in stock. However, they're all items that are easy to find. Ripped boyfriend jeans for some more casual vibes, a blue thin striped cropped shirt and a black cami top. As worn by Adriana Gastelum this outfit can be easily dressed up with a pair of heels and maybe not ripped jeans. If you want colour but don't want the bag to be the source you can opt for embroidered jeans or different coloured cami. The options are endless and that is why it is inspiration not recreation. 
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