5 Home Interior & Decor Trends 2017

Monday, 27 March 2017
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This post is for the home decor and interior lovers. I am surely one of those who changes my home decor with season just for an excuse to buy new homeware I guess. So here's 5 spring and summer 2017 interior trends to look out for if you want to spruce up your house's look.


Copper Decor
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I have a slight obsession with copper. Any metallic decor should be copper. Be careful though because copper can look very cheap and it will look quite bad. Also don't over do it. Just little touches like candle holders, plant pots or lamps. You want this to be a sophisticated touch. Note the jar with a marble top; marble is also a big thing and the combination of marble and metal is even bigger.

Neutral Colours

Neutral colours
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Whether you are painting a room, buying new throws, cushion covers or rugs, you need to keep in mind 'earthly colours'. Basically white, browns, beige, yellows and greys. Quite muted and the yellow shades will look vibrant against the rest of the shades. These colours will also help accentuate decor in the following trend too...

Tropical Prints.

Tropical Print
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Tropical prints are generally green and vibrant which will come out more against the natural tones as mentioned above. This print covers anything from leaf print, palm trees, pineapples and flamingos. Quite a fun way to decorate especially if you're into prints. With tropical being quite the reminder of summer, this print is perfect as a seasonal trend.

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Leafs is more than just a print this season. With plants being a symbol of life, your house should be looking full of life. Cacti is still in as a spring and summer plant for decor but this year climbing plants are also in. These are generally bigger and will look gorgeous in the corner of your living area against all the neutral shades. It will give the space an added earthly and fresh vibe which is mainly what interior decor trends are surrounded around. Also this year's Pantone colour is greenery.

Quote Wall Art.

Quote Wall Art Print
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Quote wall art is so in vogue, just in case you haven't told by the fact that you can find them in every shop. These tend to be quite plain which helps the whole look of room remain minimalist. The best part of this trend is that you can easily make them yourself and they are so much fun to make. Just get into hand lettering and calligraphy (which I'm obsessed with) and make your own. Cheap and more meaningful.
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