Stylish but Comfy Traveller

Monday, 6 February 2017

Travel can be a stressful, for me at least, so being comfortable is the most important thing. Although 'stylish' is not what comes to mind when you hear the word 'comfortable' it does not necessarily mean so. All you need to do is make sure that the clothing items you choose to wear have certain features.

Soft material bottoms. I always try to avoid denim, especially if I'm travelling via plane. I tend to get really bloated on flights and having skinny jeans on or a pair of rigid denim jeans. An elastic waist band or side zips is also something I go for. Having the extra give is always a plus and it always makes me feel more comfortable. Leggings, or side zip cigarette trousers are two pieces that certainly fit these criteria.

Oversized and longline top. Whether it's a t-shirt, a shirt or blouse I always make sure that it is oversized and quite longline. Besides appreciating my bum to be covered, especially if wearing leggings, having an oversized top eases the mind in some ways. You don't have to worry of any wardrobe malfunctions while carrying the heavy luggage down the tube station stairs.

Layering. This is a very seasonal pick of course but even if it's a flight in August I like to have the extra layer. Airports tend to be cold due to air-con and once you're hanging in the blue skies it also tends to feel a bit chilly. There's nothing like feeling cozy on the plane and have a good nap, given the turbulence isn't bad.

A good sized bag. Pretty much of an obvious one. By good size I don't mean big. The bigger the bag is the heavier it is and you don't want a heavy bag plus your luggage. On the other hand you don't want a tiny bag that can only fit your passport. You need a bag that can hold all the essentials under your seat for easy access; water bottle, socks, snacks, books, headphones, etc. If you're an anxious traveller you need to have these essentials available at hand for the extra comfort.

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