How to Layer Outfits for Winter

Monday, 13 February 2017

Winter is a tricky season to dress up for especially in a place like the UK. You step outside and it’s freezing cold. Then you step inside and the central heating is set at 30 degrees which is practically summer minus the beach and the cocktails. How do you find a compromise? One word; Layering. Layer enough to survive outside but have enough layers to remove to avoid a heat stroke. However, to many layering is not necessarily stylish. Like everything else in fashion, it depends how you do it. There are a few key pieces that you need to have to make layering not boring.

Hoodies. Sporty or even tomboyish, the hoodie might not be for everyone but it is quite handy. From plain to a hoodie with a massive logo or embroidery; Any texture and any cut. I feel like the hoodie has been a winter wardrobe staple for years but this season it has definitely been on the trend train too. Just worn over a t-shirt or light blouse, it provides an added layer. Also, it can be given a more feminine twist by styling it with a midi skirt or over a pencil skirt. Interesting piece to play around with.

Jumpers. Quite obvious I guess. This was my favourite layering piece for a long time. My shirt and jumper look was my signature look for years. Although I have moved away slightly from that look I still have some sort of relationship with jumpers. Nowadays it’s mainly oversized jumpers and I do wear them over shirts but the choice of style is less about the collar showing. Funnel neck jumpers are my favourite and it is definitely a winter layer you need to have in your wardrobe this winter.

Shirt. Talking about my previous obsession with jumper-shirt combo, shirts is a layering essential for me. As I said, it’s not about popping collars over jumpers anymore but they make a great first layer. With shirts too I tend to go for oversized (do you notice a trend?) and this means that not only can I layer them under other pieces, like jumpers, but also over pieces, like tank tops. Finally, they’re the perfect layer to have because when you’re inside you can easily roll up the sleeves to acclimatize further to whatever the temperature is.

High neck tops. These are just the obsession this season. It is impossible to hop into any shop and not find a rack of them in any shade. This is probably the easiest piece to get your hands on because they are such a basic that everyone sells them and you can find them at any price that suits your budget. Worn under other pieces, especially cami tops, creates a very 90s look which is all the buzz.

Summer tops. There is no need to put away the t-shirts or cami tops. Not only do they make a perfect first layer under a very chunky jumper or hoodie but they are also what you need to recreate the 90s look that I was talking about. They’re perfect to style your basic ribbed high neck tops and give a twist to layering. 
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