How to be Involved in London Fashion Week

Friday, 17 February 2017
London Fashion Week, 2017,

London Fashion has kicked off this morning and it's just pure excitement as always. Being involved in LFW is more than getting to go shows. I'm super lucky to be going to some shows this year but I remember the days when I would just have to be involved in different ways. There are a few things that you could do just to feel the vibes.

Roam the streets. Just go into central London, around the places where the shows are held. If you're not sure where these places are check out the London Fashion Week Website, it's got a list of the places as well as the schedule of all the shows and presentations. Go and see the street style with your own eyes.

Pop-up events. There are a lot of pop-up events, presentations, talks, etc around London happening this weekend. The best way to find out more about these by going on the Eventbrite App and just type in London Fashion Week. There are a list of events that you can go to.

Following Online. This is so easy. London Fashion Week Website are live streaming the shows through the British Fashion Council youtube channel. You can't get closer to the models than this I'm telling you. Also, with Instagram live and stories I'm sure it will be hard to miss anything. I followed most of New York Fashion Week through Instagram.
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