Bedside Table Essentials

Thursday, 16 February 2017

My bedside table is a sanctuary of essentials for a good night sleep. Being very fond of the contents I decided it's time to take you through what I have and maybe inspire your bedside table.

Water bottle. Probably one of the most obvious ones. I need my water close to me. There is nothing worst then having to get out of bed, go all the way to the kitchen to get some water and then struggle for an hour to get back to sleep. Having a water bottle right beside me solves this issue especially if I had pizza the night before.

Night Cream. Duuh! I tend to go through my evening skin care routine right before I go to bed because I find the whole process soothing and the products I use give me the 'sleepy feeling'. The night cream, serum or whatever product I'm using at the time is the last step which I like applying once in bed. Right now I'm using Bravura London's Azulene Moisturiser.

Essential Oils. The first is lavender oil, which is what I splash on my pillow when I have trouble sleeping. The other one is Magnesium oil. I massage this on my joints (mainly on my legs and feet) to relieve any pain and tension gained through the day.

My Daily Journal & Pen. Probably a weird one for many. Well, this is a 'habit' that I started last year. The last thing I do before I sleep is write my to do list for the next day and set my Daily Journal page and Bullet Journal insert. This is a good practice to get the stuff on your mind out before you sleep.

Night Eye Mask and Ear Plugs. Both of these I don't use as soon as I get into bed but I have them there just in case I wake up half way through the night and light or noise are the reasons why I can't go back to sleep. Really and truly I hate both of them because I find their sensation suffocating but I hate not being able to sleep more.

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