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Monday, 30 January 2017

It's fair to say that I'm a hoarder of everything. Clothes, makeup, skin care and stationary. I've spent half of last year de-cluttering my life following Marie Kondo's tips and get my hoarding addiction under control. This also meant I had to keep my obsession with notebooks in check.

One of the things I learnt from 2016 is that having infinite amounts of notebooks, no matter how colour coordinate they are, can in fact lead to more disorganisation. By the end of the year I had about six 6 notebooks/diaries to keep up with. I'm sure not even the Queen has that many. This year it's totally different and before showing you my organisation and note-booking system of choice for 2017, I am simply going to share tips and ideas how to get yourself the right organisation system depending on your needs. 

Before you get yourself any kind of planner you need to ask yourself 'What aspects of my life need planning?' The answer to this question very much determines how you should get organised. 

The Year Diary. This is the most common type of diary and usually has the page divided into a time schedule. This sort of set up is ideal if your day usually consists of time scheduled events, appointments or meetings. It is also ideal if you are constantly making appointments in advanced because you can easily flick through to the dates you want and schedule anything in advance. However, there is usually very little room to do anything more than that. It is a rigid set up, perfect for people whose days are generally rigidly scheduled. 

The Notebook. Now this is the total opposite of the year diary. It's blank and you can literally  make whatever you want of it. If your work is all about tasks that are not time scheduled and so all you need a to do list and/or reminder, this would be ideal. You are not constrained by any set up which means you can fill it in as you please including the addition of notes.

The Daily Journal. This is a kind of compromise between the year diary and the notebook. It has the space for time scheduling, the space fore to do lists and other fun stuff. The one I have, which is from urban outfitters, also has a section to add projects, notes and even doodles. The dates are not already set, so although it has a set up it still allows for flexibility. 

The Bullet Journal. My favourite out of all four. This is a dotted page notebook that allows you with all the freedom in the world. You can be really creative because it doesn't even the restrictions of lines but it has the dots as a guide to create tables, lettering and doodling. You can create any spreads you want depending on your needs. If you don't need a time scheduling system and enjoy being creative this is the one for you.  

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