5 Fashion Winter Must Have

Monday, 23 January 2017

Looking into my wardrobe with complete satisfaction I can say that I have all you need in a wardrobe for winter 2017.  Without overwhelming you or highlighting the fact that I'm a compulsive shopper I am just going to list 5 fashion items that you too definitely need for winter 2017

Straight Leg Denim. Long gone are the days of skinny jeans and I am not complaining. High-waisted and a classic denim wash to recreate the 90s. For an extra sprinkle of 'trend' you can opt for some patchwork or embroidery, which is all over the place.

Leather Trousers. They were one of those things I would steer away from, terrified at the simple idea of how they might look on me. Best risk I ever took. Especially if, like me, you're a baggy-top kind of person this can be a different option to the skinny jeans or leggings. You can also go for a more chic look and get yourself a pair of tailored, peg or cigarette leather trousers.

Black Turtle Neck. Now that we got the lower section covered it's time to browse the tops. Keeping it basic, plain and clean is one of the most stylish looks of this season. What's more basic than a black turtle neck? Rhetoric question! Given the huge 90s influences, and me being a big fan of this look, a black turtle neck is a must have to style the cami tops and dresses.

Ruffles. No ruffles, no party! Opposite to being plain and basic you can take it all out with some ruffles. You can choose from tiny ruffles to huge ruffles, a single line of ruffles or multiple ruffles,ruffles across the shoulders to ruffles around the shoulders... I think you get my point! I'm just obsessed with ruffles, probably a tad too much.

Midi Coat. We are in winter after all and it is terribly cold, at least here in the UK. The midi length coat is very popular right now and we're thankful for the extra length of warmth. Unlike how I used to feel in my teens, wearing a coat over a banging outfit isn't sad or annoying. Just invest in a banging coat too. I may have lived by this mantra way too much given that my coat collection will soon need to be catalogued.
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