Stocking Fillers | Countdown to Christmas

Thursday, 8 December 2016

The best part of every Christmas morning is looking into my stocking soon after having opened all my big gifts. For me the stocking is not filled with more huge presents but little useful stuff. Usually I do a gift guide for stocking fillers but there so main things that you can decide to be your stocking fillers. Check out my previous post on DIY stocking fillers from Snapfish because it is amazing. These are the 5 categories I always put in the stockings.

Beauty Products. I always like to put a beauty product (or more) in any female's stocking just because throughout the year they tend to come to me for advice regarding make up and beauty products. So, I generally look at what that person needs in their makeup collection and just pop it in their stocking. This can be anything from a lipstick to an eyeshadow palette.

Accessories. I don't mean jewellery. Although that is a good one but I don't like gifting jewellery that much and if I do it tends to be quite luxury. So, definitely not a stocking filler. Other things that fall in this category would be phone cases, keyrings, hats, gloves, etc. I mean, you could imagine the list is endless. The best one for me is SOCKS. I love socks myself. It's one of the reasons I look forward to winter so much. So, adding a cute pair of cosy socks in there is a must.

Books. Being a book worm myself I find it makes a quite good stocking filler. Just find a book in the genre that person likes and pop it in the stocking. Books, although a rather cheap gift, they are quite personal because it shows how much you know that person. You can also add a special note on the first page to make it more special.

Stationary. EVERYONE NEEDS STATIONARY. I am a stationary hoarder and every thing is an excuse to get myself a notebook/planner. There is nothing wrong with instilling some of that organisation characteristic in other people. Cute pens from paperchase are always perfect. Mini diaries of the new year that can be carried around in bags is also a good call. Sticky notes with little sayings on them. Really and truly the options are endless.

Treats. There is definitely no going wrong with this one. Take a handful of chocolates or sweets and just fill the remaining space.
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