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Saturday, 31 December 2016

It's very hard to stop yourself from reflecting on your year when you know it's coming to an end. To be honest, it's good to reflect otherwise everything you've been through will go to waste. My 2016 was one I will never forget. Every year is eventful, thankfully, but this year was different on so many levels. My ex broke off our relationship after 5 years, a year of which we were living together in London. Other things I was planning could not happen due to unforeseen circumstances. In a nutshell, 2016 was no where close to what I had pictured. On the plus side, I learnt a lot and this is what I learnt from my 2016.

People and things are not your world. They're simply part of your world because you choose so and because you believe they make your world better but if they leave, it does not mean your world has ended. It just means your world is ready for some new light. I know I said the word 'world' too many times and probably it stopped making sense now but it's true. This year, through my breakup and the series derailments on my 'life path', it seemed like my world was under apocalypse. It wasn't and I only understood that once I understood that my world is mine and does not depend on anyone or anything to survive. (Took me a while to realise, I know).

Happiness is a choice. There were so many moments that I could have been sad, even depressed, chose to close myself up and just stopped being happy because things that were going on around me were far from happy. However, I made the rational choice to be happy; to use my negative experience as a learning curb and an exercise to become stronger. After the breakup of a 5 year long relationship there wasn't anything to be happy about until I started looking at the little things. Getting myself out of bed, away from the junk food, and started doing things that make me so happy while allowing myself to break down and let it all out when I needed that. Choosing to be happy helped me see the breakup in a different light and made it possible to be sitting here with a new and improved perspective to life.

Spice up things with 'impulsive' and then savour it slowly. I always had everything planned and scheduled which makes the hit harder when all falls apart. Also, I always waste my time making plans for the next day, week, year even, and forget to enjoy the day. Well, that changed. While still knowing my limits and boundaries, I'm doing things more on a whim. I've been letting myself go places without studying the directions as if I was going to be tested on it. Slowly, I'm taking more risks and become less of a nervous wreck. Most importantly, I'm enjoying every moment, appreciating each second and every person part of my life. This has made me thirsty for more. More experiences of the world. More laughter and cries. More moments when I can feel and think.

How will I approach 2017? Good question. For once I'm not planning my year. I'm not going to picture myself anywhere or doing anything in particular by this time next year. The only only goal for this year is to be happy and to do as much as possible. Over the past few month I've been writing a list of things that I want to do and my goal is to tick them off during the year. Things like travel, learning calligraphy, etc. My goal is to enjoy life, to spend time with people who make me happy but to also spend enough time with myself doing what I love. In the past 6 months I have conquered so many fears (like the fear of dogs) and proved to myself that the only limitations are the ones I make myself. So my challenge this year is not to limit myself and take reasonable risks so that my goal of happiness can be achieved. After the year I've had I feel like the coming year is almost like a spiritual journey which will help me grow and know myself more. This makes me so excited.

I really hope you all have a happy 2017 but remember, you choose how 2017 will turn out. Sad and bad situations are granted in 365 days, the key is to make something out of the negative so that those emotions don't go wasted but a lesson is learnt. Plus, everything happens for a reason. I'm a true believer of that and although it might not always seem like straight away it always does eventually. My motto for this year....


Happy New Year xx

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