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Sunday, 13 November 2016
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I'm an anxious-everything so it does not come to a surprise that travelling is nerve-wrecking. However, as I love going places I have no other option but to travel so at this point it's time to deal with it. Hating the travelling part so much it is very important to make sure I am well prepared to keep calm and provide myself the best experience possible. Which is why travel preparations have become some sort of a ritual. I invite you to partake in this ritual too if you'd like to ease your traveller's anxiety.

Step 1. Print. Now a days, with technology being so advanced, you can provide e-tickets. I am not a fan of the concept. Your phone can fail you, as it has failed me countless times. The old school way, i.e. hard copies, is still the most reliable. Thus, I print everything anyway just to ease my mind. 

Step 2. Make sure you have all the essentials. Don't tell yourself, "I'll buy this from the airport." What if you don't find it at the airport? It will only be another thing on your mind that you have to rush for. 

Step 3. Be Early. Generally in life I am always early or punctual. Lateness is a quality I'm not a fan of. However, when it comes to situations where I can miss a train or flight I plan everything earlier. I'd rather be at the airport for three hours than having to run with the luggage and panic while in the line for customs checks. Also, things can go wrong on the way there. If you're a Londoner you would have experienced the sudden signal failure or major delays. 

Step 4. Open Tickets. Now this is for train travelling only. I get open return tickets so that I'm not bound by a particular time and if something really does happen there is nothing to worry about, simply wait for the next train. Of course for flights this is different which is why step 3 is more important to me when I'm flying. 

Step 5. Light Layers.You will be rushing and feeling hot. You will then be sitting at the gate, on the train or plane freezing. Wearing light layers is the way I solve this problem. If I'm hot I just remove some layers and stuff them in my bag. If I'm cold, they go back on. It's not rocket science, I know, but you do see people wearing heavy jumpers or strappy tops. Remember if you start feeling warm you will feel more panicked and anxious so keeping body temperature under check is more important than you think. 
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  1. hahaha I am exactly the same! was so funny to read it when you realise you do the same things :)

    xx Lisa

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