Traveller's Worries | 5 Make-up Essentials

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

When it comes to make-up I sit at my dresser with a huge collection at my disposition. This makes packing up a small make-up to survive on for 5 days as tough as choosing my outfits. Unlike clothing packing, which I already wrote about, there is less of a system around packing makeup. You just have to meet two criteria; 1. They are the right products for every need, 2. You pack light. The most important thing is making sure you have the following essentials.

Medium to good coverage foundation. Find middle ground with the foundation you choose to take with you. There will be days or occasions which call for a bit more coverage then usual. This doesn't mean you have to pack more than one foundation but that the one you pack is easily built to good coverage. 

Powder. I know a lot of people that do not use powder because they don't need it. Bless them! On holiday it's different though. You are less likely to have time to retouch. You are more likely to be walking for a longer time.You wouldn't want to carry your whole make-up bag all day long. There is a high possibility that your skin reacts differently to the different weather and environment conditions. Having a good powder will enhance the lasting power of your make-up, can be a quick and good way of re-touching on the go and a way to make sure you are never looking like Edward Cullen. 

Day to night eyeshadow palette. My favourite part of the make-up routine is deciding what eye look I'm going for. Obviously, with countless palettes to choose from the options are wide but on holiday things can get harder. Ideally you take one palette so the choice is quite important. I always go for the palette that I reach for most and that has shades perfect for daytime and nighttime. For me it's usually the Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita palette. There is no going wrong with that but there are cheaper options that are perfect, like the Sleek Oh So Special. 

Natural Toned blusher. Blusher is another big decision you have to make but it all depends on the lip colour choices you are going to make. The best way to solve is to go for a blush tone that will give you a subtle natural flush. Even better, Sleek have the Trio Blushers that are light and compact. They are great because they give you three options. My favourite one, which is the one I take everywhere, is Lace because it has an orange toned, mauve toned and bright pink toned blush. With three shades like those you are definitely going to be covered. 

Long Lasting Lipsticks. This is especially for those who, like me, can't face life without a bold lip. The pain of any bold lip lover is retouching. Raise your hands if you've been to a party and barely ate anything so that you don't ruin your lipstick. First world problems right?! However, I know for a fact that I can skip canapees but definitely not lunch or dinner. Maybelline's Super Stay Lip Colours save the day. They stay, for real. You can eat and drink as much as you want because it won't budge. The perfect travel companion. 
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  1. Great post, a good eyeshadow palette can definitely be a life saver when packing for a holiday