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Monday, 7 November 2016

On the eve of every holiday I go on you are mostly like to find sitting and staring by my empty suitcase waiting for the contents to magically appear. Since my magic skills are no where to be found, this usually leads to a state of panic when I realise that in a few hours I'll be on my way to the airport. Let's be honest, packing is a hard task and is any traveller's worry.

Packing outfits is the hardest because how are you going to know what you'd want to wear in a few days? You want to keep your options open but you're limited by luggage weight. I found a system which involves lists and notes (Anything involving lists & notes excites me). Obviously I'm going to share the system with you.

Step 1. What's the weather like? That is the most obvious question that I'm sure everyone asks. However, I don't just really on the weather apps which are sometimes as bad as my sense of direction (which is horrendous). I give the place where I'm going a quick youtube search; I try to find vlogs taken in the prior few days from the place where I'm going. It gives you a pretty good idea of the type of clothes people are wearing. 

Step 2. Pinterest. Any excuse is a good excuse for spending hours on pinterest. I usually search for 'street style' followed by the place where I'm going to. Especially if you're heading to a city like New York this is great. Maybe not so important if you're going to a cottage in the Highlands and you're spending the whole week hiking. 

Step 3. Activity planning. Although, the last few holidays I've been to were less severely planned I still usually make a list of main activities I want to do. This list comes in handy for packing. It's quite obvious that an outfit for an evening at the theatre is different than the one you'll wear for a day sight seeing. I assure you, as soon as you have this figured out you will already start picturing the outfits you want in your head. 

Step 4. Find the basic & comfortable. Take the activity plans. Open your wardrobe and pick out what you'd wear if you were going to these activities from home. It's a great idea to go for items that are neutral as this gives you options to swap between items to create different outfits with just few pieces. Also, go for things that you are already comfortable with. Limit your fashion risks as if something doesn't make you comfortable you don't have a full wardrobe to fall back on. 

Step 5. Take pictures. Once you've settled your outfits, I like taking pictures of them on my phone. Then all I have to do in the morning is check my phone to see the pre-made outfit. I find this to be really good because I never end up with pieces I took that I didn't wear and also I never fall into the 'quick and boring trap' because I remember the exciting outfits I styled.
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