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Friday, 7 October 2016
Images: www.vogue.co.uk

You know your grandmother's wallpaper or cushion covers? Well, you can actually wear them and to be honest I'm not at all disappointed. A great way to take on the Victorian and Baroque styles. Oscar de La Renta must have been feeling very nostalgic as there were quite a few pieces in this trend. Different then de La Renta, Balmain presented their wallpaper inspirations in a bold, metallic blue jumpsuit. Quite a modern take! Dolce & Gabanna and Gucci went for midi looks that are slightly less feminine. D&G's coat is stunning and classic with gold on black while Gucci present the gold on a warm shade of red that speaks autumn loud and clear. Slightly more feminine, Burberry's model struts off the layered mini-dress with a bright, teal effect in the middle for yet a gain a modern twist. Finally, Christian Dior's stunning jacket is my favourite. Unlike all the other pieces, the motif is not repeated throughout the whole piece and is instead embellished intricately in wonderful shades round the neckline.

I have to say that unlike other trends that I have reviewed in the history of 'The Trend Series' it has never been as difficult to find pieces on the high-street inspired by haute couture. In fact, they're not as similar, sadly. But, I've done my best to find other pieces that fit in the trend and hope that as stocks change the more metallic pieces are brought out. Here is what I found.

2. H&M
7. Zara

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