A/W 16 Trends | Beauty Edition

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

It's time to sort our make-up bags! This season there are only 4 things you need to make sure inhabit your make-up collection. Some of which you probably have already. If not, this would be a great time to invest.

 An Angel's Glow. What a blessing! Usually I tend to put away the highlighters at this time as matte finishes become predominantly the trend. Following a S/S full of highlighter, radiance and glow this would have been hard to put away. Kindly, designers have also decided it is not yet the time to put these products away so they instead went all out on there models. A strongly radiant finish was given to models, way more over the top than S/S. So if you were not in the strobing trend over S/S, this is another call to get you on board.
Tip: Glow not sparkle. Highlighters with glitter are not ideal.
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Be Bold. Eyeliner! Eyeliner! Eyeliner! That covers all I have to say. Every time we need to talk about eyeliner as a trend it means something big is in the bag. Forget about your lash line. Go bold, strong and jet black. I'm sure everyone has an eyeliner in their make-up but if you're looking to invest in a new one reach out for Kohl liners. Kohl liners are the best at creating this bold looking.
Tip: If you use liquid liner pat over it some black eye-shadow to reduce the wet look.Eyeliner, A/W 16 Trends, beauty, By Terry, NYX, Rimmel, Burberry Eyes

All That Glitters. If not black and bold, colourful and sparkly. An exciting trend because you can be as playful as you want with glitter. Especially with the festive season coming up, a bit of gold glitter would spice things up. There are a range of products from eye-shadows which are highly glittery to mineral eye-shadow which would have higher glitter power to pure glitter dust. Question is; How sparkly do you want to go?
Tip: Slightly wet your brush when applying glittery eye-shadows to add more shine.
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Berry Ready. As you know me by now, you can tell I left the best for last. Personally, I never stop investing in these shades and I think I have one to many by now. But for those who aren't into dark berry lips already, GIVE IT A GO! Models were seen donning lips that go as dark to black so go ahead and get as dark as you want. Any lipstick that is red with a purple undertone falls under this category and I assure you, 1 trip to boots and you'll find 'the one'.
Tip: Make sure you have a good foundation to make sure no red or purple areas are coming through as these shades of lipstick will enhance those areas even more.
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