5 Tips for a Good Night Sleep

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Sleep deprived me is a living being no one wants to meet, including myself which is why I try everything to always get a good night sleep. Over the past year I had trouble sleeping more than ever before. Although I'm afraid it may be one of the signs of aging, it is also related to stress and anxiety. Whenever levels of anxiety rise or find myself having more panic attacks than usual my  nights will be affected. Through trial and errors I found 5 things that help me reduce my levels of anxiety before I go to bed and help myself to better nights. Since many of you may be in similar situations I thought I do my usual '5 Tips to...' and share with you these tricks.

1. Slather some essential oils. Lavender and Peppermint are my guardian angels. Peppermint is quite useful to increase alertness and blood flow so I use this earlier on in the day. Once back from work I add few drops to my bath to help me unwind from the day and give me a boost for what is left of it as this is the time I get non-work related stuff done (blog, youtube, studies). It also helps relieve inflammation, sinus and headaches. Since I was a kid I suffered from headaches which at times become chronic so I use peppermint to relieve any unnoticed headaches and help me function better. 
Later on, a few minutes before I get into bed, I put two drops of lavender on the underside of my pillow. Lavender is well known for it's relaxing characteristics and if you want to obtain that spa scent mix up some vodka and lavender and spray it out. Both my Peppermint and Lavender are from Buff and Butter. They are essential oils which means they are pure oils so just a few drops gives the whole room a good aroma. 

2. Create tomorrow's to do list. I never did this because I feared seeing a bunch of things I have to do might freak me out more. However, once in bed all my brain runs a list of things I'd hope I wouldn't forget by the next day. So, I secured myself a tiny notebook, which goes everywhere with me, and once in bed I add to next day's to do list. Since I thrive on to do lists I figured out a good system of making them and now I am always confident that I manage to do everything listed. This literally eases my brain so much. For further comfort I keep the notebook on my bedside table just in case something crops up. 

3. Meditation. Nothing major. Nothing long. Just 10 minutes of getting my head in the right space, clear out my thoughts and relax my body and mind. I use the amazing app Headspace. Yoga and meditation are well known methods of relaxation and anxiety reduction. Not every meditation exercise is ideal for before sleep so check that out before hand. Also, it's best if you have relaxation moments throughout the whole day to make the evening easier. Here is a previous post to how I do this. 

4. Reduce lighting and switch off devices. I always find it very tempting to keep scrolling through twitter or instagram. And if it's not social media, it's netflix. The best solution is to switch off my laptop, turn off the wifi on my phone and pop out a magazine. I used to read books before I go to bed but they don't work either because I find books too gripping and won't stop reading. A good magazine does the trick. Light reading and a few images to flick through with just my bed fairy lights on. 

5. The night mask. One of the qualities of light sleep is that every glimmer of light seems to have the effect of a million light bulbs and wake you straight up. Especially if you don't have proper blacking out blinds, this is a must have. I don't necessarily wear everyday and sometimes I wake up in the morning to find that I have removed it in my sleep, it all the depends on assessing the needs of my body. Generally, I try to put it straight on as I get into bed and focus on my breathing as if I was still meditating or you can count sheep whichever suits you best. 

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