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Monday, 19 September 2016

Last April I had a facial by a beautician which was very enlightening. After describing my skin type as being incredible sensitive, which sensitivity creates oiliness, she suggested Dead Sea products should help me maintain this. Intrigued by the suggestion I did my research on these minerals.

Dead Sea minerals are all very important for the skin layers, including magnesium, sodium and potassium. A deficiency in any of the minerals may disrupt activity of the skin cells causes various issues such as redness, itchiness and impurities. The main benefits are:
- it prevents itchiness, redness and irritation
- strengthens and regenerates skin cells
- maintains fluid (oils) balance outside skin cells
- neutralizes oxidants in the skin and protects cells
- promotes clearer skin by targeting blackheads and reduces blemishes

These minerals are natural and give the skin an extra umph by providing the necessary ingredients for healthy skin. Which is why my skin care routine always incorporates these minerals. Although the reputation of Mud Masks is quite good, I struggled to find a Dead Sea Mud Mask I was happy with. Pristine's Dead Sea Mud Mask happened to be the one.

This mud mask is also enriched with Vitamin E, different natural oils and vegetable glycerin. The combination of all of these ingredients with the dead sea minerals create the perfect product that beats oiliness and acne.

How to use: You apply a thick layer over a clean/ makeup free face. Leave it for 15 minutes after which you remove using a flannel and warm water. Follow with the rest of the skin routine soon after.

Review: The texture of this product makes it even more pleasurable to use. I used this once a week since I got it and it has improved my skin greatly. I've been having a lot less to no blemishes at all, the extreme redness in my cheek area has reduced to a normal healthy complexion and reduced the size of my pores. In general, it has made my skin look well enough to actually enjoy foundation free days.

I do recommend a bit of dead sea in your skin care routine. It doesn't have to be a staple product you use everyday but something you can use 1 or 2 times a week. In that case, the Dead Sea Mud Mask by Pristine is what you are looking for especially if your skin has oily and sensitive tendencies.

*This is a collaboration with Pristine*

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