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Monday, 12 September 2016
Let's talk about girl power. We are stronger than ever and claiming menswear to ourselves too. Boxy cuts, masculine blazers with big lapels and granddad check print have all been adopted by several designers. Let's take the 'Alpha women' to the next level.

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Images obtained from www.vogue.co.uk

Makes it clear as day who the boss is. The best part of this trend is that is has two main feature; the structure and the print. This gives you three options to wear the trend; items that feature both the structure and the print of this trend, items that are only structurally masculine, and items that although a bit more feminine come in this granddad print. Luckily you can find this mix on the high-street too. 

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3. Zara
4. H&M
6. Zara

I surely am in love with this trend because of my fondness of boxy cuts and monochromatic prints. Perfect for work and smart wear. I definitely shall invest!
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