The Special Double Coin Necklace

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

One of the women I absolutely admire and love is Holly Willoughby. For those who do not know who she is she's a TV presenter in the UK. Without going into the many virtues why I like her so much I will simply point out that her fashion sense is one that I adore. A few years back Holly used to always wear this beautiful gold double coin necklace which I always had my eye on.

When I set my mind on a necklace for a long time I like to go for a good quality necklace which I know will last and I'll have for a very long time. Last month I found the right necklace which is special in every single way from Natural Amber. Not only is it double coined but it's make is special, unique and meaningful.

The coins are genuine six pence coins, carefully selected before the creation process. This means that the coins in my necklace are not necessarily the same as those in other necklaces. In fact the two coins in mine are different; one is from 1960 coin and the other is from 1958.

Why the six pence coin? The selection of the six pence coin is not coincidental but is tied to 3 main reasons. First of all it is basically the perfect size for a necklace and their intricate design is a subtle way of creating a statement necklace without being overpowering. Besides the perfect dimensions, using a great way of using part of the British history since the six pence coin is no longer minted. In fact when you think about the history you thin of the different people who used the coins to make different transactions. Thus the mysterious story of the coins fascinates me and give it a sentiment.
The last reason is that this coin is considered to bring good luck. The Royal Air Force, during the Second World War, used to stitch six pence coins behind their wings. It also replaced the three pence in 1551 and as tradition a coin would be put in one of the Christmas pudding slices. The person whose slice had the six pence coin was deemed very lucky especially six pence was equivalent to a day's work for a dock worker. Last but not least there is the famous wedding saying "something old, something new something borrowed something blue and a six pence in your shoe" with the intention of bringing health and happiness into the new marriage.

I apologise for rambling on about the history of the necklace but I think this gives the piece a special light which can never be compared to another normal piece of jewellery. To me it is a sentimental necklace because even though it has no personal significance it has a greater sentiment related to the world, a lot of people and a lot of different stories.

Review: The quality of the necklace is incredible. The chain is silver (it has the stamp) and thin which makes the necklace look sophisticated. It sits nicely on the collar bone area making it a great piece to wear both with any kind of neck line. The piece altogether is a statement piece but simple enough to be elegant, thus easily wearable with different outfits for different occasions.

In a nutshell this necklace is a favourite item of mine and one which I hope I will one day pass on to my daughter or grand-daughter with the story about the coins and possibly a story about a bit of luck it would have brought me. I also look forward to see what else Natural Amber will create. If it is something as meaningful and special I'm sure I'll get my hands on it.

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  1. Love this necklace, very pretty and original!

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