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Friday, 12 August 2016
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Among the new products out there is the range of new liquid lipsticks called the Matte Me by Sleek. Since anything that has Sleek on it has to pave it's way into my make-up storage it is no surprise that I got two of these new lipsticks. To excuse my purchase, like everything else, I'll review it for everyone's enjoyment.

Rioja Red

Application. It's weird! There is no better way for me to explain it. Like most liquid lipsticks it has a doe-foot applicator. Unlike most liquid lipsticks this doe-foot applicator is long and rigid making the application process weird and tricky. It's so easy to mess everything up. However, the consistency is smooth and easily applied so my only issues are with the applicator which is why I now apply any of them using a lipstick brush.

Consistency & the product. As already mentioned the consistency makes the product easily applicable (with a different applicator). It is very thick and highly pigmented. One coat provides an opaque result without the need to go for seconds. Thus, this is not a product you can achieve sheer with or a bit of a stain. At first it's slightly glossy, because it's a liquid liquid of course but quickly dries into a love velvety matte finish.

Longevity. If you starve or dehydrate yourself it will last for hours in perfect condition. Also, even after many hours, my lips do not feel dry which is very common feature of matte products. However as soon as you touch it, eat or drink it wears off. By the time I had my first bit of food it had already reduced from lipstick to lip-liner. This was a let down especially since I have products that are a lot more long wearing some of which are totally unaffected by food and beverage intake. It is also one of those products that are easily smudged. So make sure there is no kissing involved when you're wearing these lipstick unless you want to go for the Miranda Sings look.

Re-application. Re-application is as important as application especially with a product not as long wearing. Without going into the issue of the applicator again, the product settles funny when re-applied. To obtain the perfect lip again it is ideal to remove all that is left from your previous application. This is because I found that when I re-applied over what was left dried blotches formed once the product dried to it's matte finish. In defence, I find this to be an issue with Matte lipsticks so I will not deduct marks on this one.

Removal. Don't worry you won't be struggling with your make-up remover late at night. Considering how easily it smudges and how quickly it goes away with food it's a given that it goes away on the first cleanse. It also means that there is no need for being rough on your lips which is always a benefit.

Final rating. 3.5/10
The range has got some really good shades; my favourite is Rioja Red which is the classic red which I can only describe as Marilyn Monroe/ Taylor Swift lip. However, colour is the main reason I reach for this lipstick when I do.
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