5 Free Things to Do in London | Summer

Monday, 8 August 2016
Living in a big city like London is great. There is always plenty of stuff you can do right? Problem is the ordinary things that come to mind first can be very expensive. Finding free activities which do not involve netflix in bed (which technically isn't free) can be a task. So now that I have compiled a list of 5 free things you can do in summer in London I feel truly accomplished. 

1. Swimming. What is summer if it doesn't involve swimming right? Although it is not always great weather for swimming you do find those few days where a swim is just what you need. Of course you can find a couple of Lidos around London, which don't usually cost that much. However, if you want to go completely charge free then you should try the Hampstead Heath Ponds. From personal experience go prepared with the route to the pond because I got quite lost but other than that my time there was a blast. Many different ponds and lovely park. A perfect get-away day without leaving London and believe me you'll find the water refreshing. 

2. Picnic. When it's not hot enough to swim you can go to a park and picnic. Pack your lunches and take them outside under a nice big tree. It's a much better option than eating in your office or at home. Before you start frantically looking through your contact list to see who would be up for a picnic, calm down a picnic alone is not too bad. So technically you can have a picnic everyday if you'd like. 

3. Museums. Aren't day the obvious choice? When I first moved to London I googled 'free things to do in London'. First thing that came up was of course the numerous museums all around London which are free entrance. Although I'm not one that fancies the long trips to the museum I do enjoy a snippet of them once in a while. So I simply visit little sections at a time and with air-conditioning and everything it is perfect to beat the summer heat. 

4. Late evening walks. In summer it gets dark really late which is perfect for a nice stroll especially since in the evenings it is usually not excruciatingly hot. At around 7:30pm sneak out for a walk around your area or maybe travel somewhere (covered by your travel card to not add any expenses) and just have a nice sightseeing stroll. 

5. Look at time-out magazine/website. That magazine that is handed out at the stations is quite useful although you'd think otherwise at first. It is especially about London and this you can do around London. The website has specific sections where you can find free things to do that week or weekend in London. In other words, it's quite handy and you'll never miss anything. 

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