I Designed My Own Jewellery with DIWAH & GIVEAWAY

Wednesday, 17 August 2016
It is definitely not something you say everyday; 'I designed my own jewellery.' Being obsessed with jewellery, designing four necklaces was quite exciting. This is something you can do too. Yes! You can design you own jewellery, have it made and sent to you with DIWAH!

DIWAH is a brand, I recently discovered, of semi-precious jewellery using hand-picked luxe elements. They have 12 different collections of necklaces and bracelets all handmade in their UK HQ by their team of artists. Each piece displays dedication and uniqueness as there is no industrial mass production involved. Their best feature, though, is the option to design your own necklace or bracelet. This is an incredible opportunity to create a unique piece that portrays our personality and individual style choices.

The designing process. There is only one word to describe the process; addicting. I spent hours playing around with the countless options and elements that they provide for your design. It felt like I was on one of the fashion games I used to play when I was 10. There are 3 steps to the designing process.

After the designing. Once you designed a desired piece it is saved into your account which will forever hold your designs. Through your account you can also choose which of your designs you would like to purchase. The fabulous DIWAH team then goes in action to create your beautiful pieces. Through the creation process, the designer on the task will email you with questions and advice to make your piece better and good quality. They will also email you pictures to confirm that you are happy with the results before they post them to you. This is customer service at it's best! 

When that black box with a pink ribbon arrives you will find, safely wrapped, your items with a personal note from your jewellery designer. All this makes your items even more special and valuable. 

My designs. I designed 4 necklaces; 4 very different necklaces. Two of these are a bold risk that I wanted to take. I find it very hard to take risks with jewellery but when designing your own you get to choose how far you want to go. 

For this first one I used the Matinee Pendant template. The pendant I attached is the Frosty Lilac Raw Amethyst Oval Pendant. I also added the Smoky Grey Agate Smooth Round Bead to make this simple yet still bold necklace. The stone is quite big so it falls under a statement necklace and is ideally worn with a simple, plain outfit that needs some jazzing up. 

This next one, which I called Into the Tribes, is a more casual necklace using the Opera Cluster template. The idea behind this necklace was that I wanted to mix up all the different kinds of metal (rose gold, gold and silver). I like the look of all of them together and very rarely do you find anything with a mixture of the three. The main item of the piece is the Milky Grey Agate Tust Pendant which I situated in the centre. Around it I put two Elongated Spikes one in Gold and one in Silver. For about of rose gold input I put the Gold Hand charm and finished off with two small beads; Rose Quartz Faceted Round Bead and Charcoal Grey Agate Faceted Round Bead. This piece, again, I designed with the intention of wearing it with simple and monochromatic casual outfits which is basically what I wear on a daily basis. 

After creating two long necklaces I decided to go for two collar necklaces. Urban Tribe is one of them. With this necklace I wanted to portray my obsession for triangles in fashion so I put 7 triangles in there. The one at the centre is the Black and Gold Triangular Cast surrounded by 3 Dainty Gold Geometric Cast Triangle. This looks good over jumpers and under collars of shirts which are pretty much the main features of my winter wardrobe. It also looks good on high neck tops as styled in the picture. 

This is my favourite out of the four, which I boldly named 'Glitzy Glam'. Again, using the collar template I used a Right Black Jewelled Gold Cast Fan and a Left Black Jewelled Gold Cast Fan with a Charcoal Grey Agate Faceted Round Bead at the centre. I wanted this necklace to look like a very glam peter-pan collar with the intention of wearing it over high round necked tops or dresses to create the collar effect. I love how such a simple piece can be so bold and change the whole dynamic of an outfit. 

Giveaway. This was a really fun process and I am so happy with the final products. So I decided it's my turn to give someone the opportunity to design their own jewellery. Click here to go on the give away page. 

*This post was a collaboration with DIWAH

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