5 Tips to Kick Being-Alone's Bum.

Monday, 22 August 2016

I promise this is not a sad post or meant to bring you down! However, being alone for a huge of my time is a concept I recently discovered. By recently I mean around 2 months ago. Although being alone in itself can be quite a good thing especially if you need to get a lot of work done, the scariest bit is when it turns into loneliness. The best part of these situations for me is that I try and make out 5 tips/ steps to share with you guys and maybe help someone. So, yet again, I have 5 new tips for you and this time to beat the loneliness.

1. Feel all. If the reason of your loneliness is a sudden change of life situations (like breakups, death, moving, etc) don't be afraid to let all the related feelings through. It's okay to feel lonely, sad and heartbroken and even flood the apartment with tears about it. We're humans and these feelings will crop up whether we're alone or not. Being afraid of them or repressing them will only make later outbursts more painful. Similarly, just because something negative happened in your life you are not obligated to feel sad and thus feel guilty when something makes you happy or generally feel better. Maybe it's a roller coaster of emotions but don't worry; buckle up and enjoy the human ride.

2. You're the center. This is the time to focus on yourself. Do the things that make YOU happy. Make sure YOU are okay. Letting feelings through and dealing with them, as mentioned before, is an important step. It is also the point when you can work on yourself and really see who you are and see if you're happy with that and the choices you're making. Maybe it will lead to a self-evaluation.

3. Find purpose. Use your alone time to achieve something that you've been wanting for a long time but you were always distracted by the people around you. Create goals and plans to follow to achieve that goal and make your alone time a journey for yourself.

4. Keep busy. When you suddenly find yourself alone the people who love you but are far away always suggest that you keep busy. In my case I found that many times this suggestion was based on the idea of distracting myself from any sadness and feelings that might put me down. NO! As I sad, letting emotions through is good because sooner or later it will happen; the sooner the better. I say keep yourself busy so that at the end of the day you always have something to look back on that you have achieved or mastered. To do lists come in handy and will make you feel like a pro when you have 6 items ticked off. Also, if you keep busy to fulfil the purpose you found yourself in tip no. 3 you will honestly feel so good (from experience).

5. Go to public places. Being alone does not mean that you're stuck in your flat for good. Enjoying a good book, writing a blog post or having a stroll and capturing some good images will get you out and about and surrounded by a lot of people. Who knows, you might also end up making some new connections. Don't worry, if you're on a budget go back to my post on 5 free things you can do in London and same things can be done elsewhere too.

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