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Monday, 15 August 2016

In a previous video on my youtube channel I mentioned the endeavour of tidying and organising my flat. Honestly I can say that so far I am happy with the results. However, I couldn't have done it without the help of the infamous Marie Kondo whose book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up is so raved about in the blog and youtube sphere. I took 5 main points from this book that I now use whenever I have a part of my life that needs a tidy and re-organisation.

1. Don't do it all in one day. This was probably the biggest mistake I was committing in my previous tidy up periods. I used to dedicate a whole day, morning to evening, when I had to do all the tidying. Obviously before that was just my room at my parent's home. Now, it's the whole flat's organisation that is under my wings and that may be too much in a day. This time I spent a whole week doing the de-cluttering and re-organisation each day concentrating on a different part of the flat and a different area.

2. Organise one category at a time. Deciding to tidy the bedroom, although it's one room in a flat, is still too generic. Think smaller; clothes, make-up, beauty products, books, important documents, etc. This ensures that each category is being stored all together and not all over the place. It also helps give a system to your organisation and concentrate on that system for the best end product. Tidying actually seems like a swifter process this way.

3. Empty everything onto the bed. Whether it's the wardrobes or book shelves, the best trick is to remove everything from the storage onto the bed. Then go through each and every item before placing it back. This is the point where you decide whether it's a keep or charity/trash. The easiest benchmark for this decision is 'have I used this in the last 3 months?' If not I can assure you you're not going to use it in the next three months either.

4. Do not increase the amount of storage. When things get a bit too messy the first thing you think that you need to do is increase the storage spaces available in the room. Increasing the amount of storage will only mean that you will be keeping more stuff. The storage issue is not a reason for the mess but an excuse.

5. Organise the storage. Rather than increasing the storage, organising it can be the answer. Investing in plastic storage boxes, which you can buy at a very cheap price, and pop them in the wardrobe or drawers. These divide the space and allows you to keep things of different categories separate within the same space.

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