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Friday, 19 August 2016
Shirt, Hawes & Curtis

Who would think that there is more to a shirt than the colour and the fit? Definitely  not me! I have been doing some research about the shirt, as you do when sunbathing is not an option, and found that the oldest shirt found is from 3000 BC. That is how long the shirt has been around for. But since there isn't much proof of this except the actual shirt found and the wikipedia info, I'm going to fast forward to round about the 16th century. Back then until the 20th century the shirt was a male undergarment or a females night gown. Made out of linen or silk these had no collars or cuffs, worn over the head and had hems that could be tightened. Eventually a detachable collar could be added to the shirt and by the 18th century they had out of proportion collars. Shirts were not mass produced but tailored specifically for the man and by the end of the 19th century a man with a white shirt represented prosperity.

After WW1 the shirt as we know it, with a buttoned front, became popular and it was around that time that Hawes & Curtis was founded. With their first store on 24 Piccadilly Arcade, Hawes & Curtis tailored shirts for the Duke of Windsor, Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra and many more notable figures. The Duke of Windsor became an acclaimed customer granting them a Royal Warrant. After receiving a total of four Royal Warrants, widening their horizons to suits and overcoats and an entrepreneurship that transformed the brand into a 25 shop chain, Hawes & Curtis became the brand we know and love today. Fine, elegant and chic!

Shirts are an investment that you make for a long time. Proof of this is that even though the shirt has been around since 3000 BC it still is something that we all need in our wardrobe. Being so timeless, the right shirt in the best quality should be part of everyone's wardrobe. If you're not sure where you can get this from, Hawes & Curtis is the place as they also have the best prices for the quality they provide. 

I myself am obsessed with shirts because of the multiple outfits and styles that you can create with the same piece and always be looking top notch. So, I teamed up with Hawes & Curtis. They sent me this amazing White & Navy Spot Fitted Shirt and I had to create different styles. I created 5 different outfits from classically professional looks to casual and laid back. 

Shirt, Classic, Professional, tailored, Hawes & Curtis

shirt, classic, pencil skirt, curves, Hawes & Curtis

shirt, dungaree, pinafore, vintage, school, hawes & curtis

shirt, casual, denim, jeans, picnic, hawes & curtis

shirt, date night, smart casual, simple, hawes & curtis

Endless choices just with one item. Which is why having the best quality shirt, with the best fit assures that you will get the most out of it's life. It is something worth investing in whether a student or a professional. There will always be an event where a shirt is required. 

*This post is a collaboration with Hawes & Curtis*
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  1. Great post, shirts are definitely one of the most versatile clothing itens out there, and those looks are all really pretty


  2. Great post! I love it when people put together different looks with the some clothing item. You look great in all of them! :)


  3. good but different designs of clothes