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Wednesday, 27 July 2016
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I find it hard to believe everything they say about sweat being 'the best accessory' or 'a sexy glow'. In my opinion sweat simply means you're smelly and have arm-pit patches on your top. Actually, I find this to be one of the most embarrassing things but you succumb to the idea that there is nothing you can do about it except cover yourself in deodorant every 2 hours. When Perspirex Antiperspirant roll-on came in my life there was hope again.

The brain behind Perspirex was a Danish manufacturer specialised in skin care products. Over 30 years ago this manufacturer, Riemann, decided he wanted to create products with "objectively identifiable effects" and so he created Perspirex helping millions of people with sweat control issues. This feature obviously made this product the most effective and long lasting antiperspirant in the market.

I am always a bit hesitant to believe anything a product says on the box and when I read "maximum dryness for 3-5 days" my hesitation quickly kicked in. After trying this product for the last 3 weeks I can say it's true and I can't believe it. One application a day, preferably before you go to bed because sweat glands do the least work during the night. A maximum of 2 strokes down and 2 strokes up but went for 1 stroke in each direction at first because I wasn't sure how my skin would react (due to my sensitive skin). I did this for one week then reduced it to one application every other night as suggested by them. 3 weeks later and gone are the days of sweaty arm-pits no matter how hot it gets.

It's of paramount importance that this product is not applied on broken skin. You can wash it off in the morning but don't need to apply it again as the effect is retained after showering too. The product does not have a scent, although at first it has an alcohol smell that evaporates within seconds and you're left with odourless armpits. After drying completely you can apply a regular scented deodorant as this will not have an affect the efficacy of Perspirex.

I never knew a product like this existed out there. It's truly life changing. Especially if you've got a big event coming up, like a wedding or a concert and you don't want to worry about arm-pit patches you can get this from Boots. And if you don't believe the mind-blowing magic behind this product head over to their website to read different testimonials that this really works.

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