Keeping Up With Healthy Eating

Friday, 10 June 2016
Healthy Eating, Sweet tooth

At some point each year, whether it's in January as part of your New Year resolutions or later when you realise you've been eating too much pizza, we all declare that we are going to eat healthy from then on. I'm definitely guilty of such declarations and yet every year I struggle. Healthy eating is not as easy as throwing a pizza in the oven and so can be quite a chore in this busy life. Truth is that with a little more motivation it stops being a chore and can actually be fun. 

These past couple of months I have been keeping up to it quite well. Naturally I need incentives and steps to motivate me. Nothing big, nothing drastic just simple things to make the concept of ditching my favourite chocolate ice-cream worthwhile. 

1. Pre-plan meals. One of my Sunday activities is flicking through cook books and online recipes to find healthy and easy dishes to make. There are two benefits to this step. First of all, knowing what I will be cooking for the whole week is the best guide to go to the supermarket once and buy all that I need. Just one supermarket trip is more than enough in my busy schedule. Secondly, it pushes me to switch things up. Whenever I went on the healthy eating train all I did was salads. For the first couple of weeks this is great and refreshing but then it becomes really boring. At the same time, during the week I don't have time to be adventurous, so finding new recipes (easy ones) beforehand allows me to switch meals up without having to be spontaneous.  

2. Instagram worthy dishes. Yes, this may sound so vain and I get why but I love presenting my plate nice rather then just chucking it all in. I don't really post every meal I have on instagram, that would be too boring, but I like taking pictures of the end result especially if it's a new recipe and when it looks nice I feel even better. In other words healthy eating is very attractive and making sure it does look attractive makes the cooking part more fun and less of a chore. 

3. Keep a record of what you're eating. This is something that is more important if you're on a diet, which I am. Keeping count of how many calories I take every day and what I ate makes me feel really good. It's proof on paper of your healthy eating. At the same time, if you don't keep it up the calorie count will show and you are more likely to feel bad and get back on track the next day. Some might say that this is a bit strict but for me if I don't do this I will stray off and within the week I'm back to old habits.

4. Plan cheat meals. The same way you plan your meals in advance plan your weekly cheat. This would be something to look forward too and you are less likely to have naughty cheats the rest of the week. In my case I always think what's that thing I'm craving most that week and that would be my cheat. 

5. Think of your sweet tooth. I've got quite the sweet tooth. After meals especially, I like to have that something to change the savoury taste. That no longer being ice-cream, chocolates or biscuits something else needs to be the alternative. Lately I've been enjoying the natural yogurt and frozen berries combination but other things can be frozen yogurt and healthy home-made cakes. 

Healthy eating doesn't have to be hard, it can easily become a hobby and a lifestyle and I'm chuffed it's finally happening for me. 
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  1. I'm also one of those who eats really healthy food, especially on weekdays. They are delicious.