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Wednesday, 4 May 2016
Throughout this trend series we've seen classical romantic looks, the 90s cami dress revival, the sexy Latin-American styles and an all denim trend. Today's trend is less feminine than the others. It is all about boiler suits, bomber jackets and military inspirations. Less polished and more street-like, this trend is so huge. Here is what it looked like on the runway.

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Loewe and Baja East both fibe the Bomber Jacket in a feminine touch. While Loewe's is made of fur material (probably a tad too warm for spring and summer) Baja East uses satin and metallic detailing at the top. Alexander Wang's jacket is not in the Bomber style, however it's military inspired which fits with this trend. Chloe, Balenciaga and Diesal Black Gold all give the jumpsuit a boiler suit vibe with wide legs and no accentuation of the waist. These features give the a slouchy, laid back look characterised by the traditional boiler suit.

If you are into this laid back look, here are sexy pieces from the high street that you can totally rock.

S/S 16, trends, bomber jacket, jumpsuit, high street brands, ASOS, Topshop, H&M, New Look, Zara Image Map

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