Capsule Wardrobe or Not?

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Back in January I set myself the goal to not shop for 3 months.The initial reasons were based on the fact that my wardrobe collection looked quite extensive and it would be a good way to save money. More so, reading everyone's decision to hop on the 'capsule wardrobe train' and live with as little as 35 pieces in their wardrobe made my fear of living with just my ample stash of clothing seem ridiculous. The experience revealed itself to be different than what I expected.

While, not shopping for 3 months was in fact quite constructive in securing a larger savings account, it did not push me towards using all of the clothing I already owned. Surprisingly enough I realised how unhappy I was with the stuff that I owned; The classic quality over quantity situation. My style changed completely, meaning that most pieces were not appealing to me any more or made me feel completely uncomfortable. Whether my style changed over the 3 months or it had changed before without realising is still unclear to me. However, this was one positive outcome that came out of my endless pain of not browsing online shops.

What I realised though is that while fashion sets trends and guidelines for the next season, style is not static. I always say that style is an expression of one's character. And I'm most sure I'm not the only one whose character is versatile; It depends on mood and situational circumstances. Thus, being happy with your wardrobe's contents means having something in there to fit all your character manifestations. Personally, that is a capsule wardrobe.

Not everyone's lifestyle can allow for just 35 pieces. In my own experience, since I work in a school, I feel like I have two wardrobes: my work wardrobe and my rest of my life wardrobe. While they dwell in similarities and differences this situation makes it impossible for me to own as few pieces as 35. That is why having 35 or 65 clothing items shouldn't matter because a capsule wardrobe is about being happy with the quality of your wardrobe not the quantity. Then, that is what makes 'no unnecessary shopping' a lifestyle not a choice.

Following this revelation I can now say that I reached a blissful state with a befitting wardrobe. Watch out for a compilation of Hauls.
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