April Favourites

Friday, 29 April 2016

This month I have made some beauty swaps as well as introduced new additions to my collections which has made this month's favourites list quite an interesting one. A good selection of beauty, lifestyle and fashion items that I have been loving through April.

After my good old Sanctuary Spa Thermal Clay Mask reached the very end of it's wonderful existence I was on the hunt for a different, but as good, mask. Sticking to the same brand I went for the Sanctuary Spa Radiance 5-minute Peel Off Mask. Given that all my previous attempts of a radiance mask were a fail I did not have high expectations so I was even more surprised with the results. Besides smoothing the skin and leaving it very fresh and clean, many people commented about how good my skin was looking the next day (and I was not wearing any make-up). 

My next favourite is not very original. Many beauty bloggers and gurus, including the big ones like Zoella, have mentioned their love for this product many times. However, as always, I am late to the bandwagon and only got hold of it now. It is the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. Very cheap but amazingly good. I have shared my hate towards my 'vein showing under-eyes' before and finding the right coverage concealer has always been a difficult task. I got this product because I gave in to the curiosity and wanted to see what everyone was talking about. It is a great concealer, good enough that is has replaced the Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer that I had been using for over a year.

Last of the beauty favourites is an new addition to my lipstick collection; The Sleek True Colour Lipstick in Mystic. Not a shade I imagined myself being fond of but here we are in the unexpected moment. A very pinky purple with blue undertones; A Barbie kind of purple. This shade has been my first pop of spring in my look.

As much as I try to mix up my every day looks, especially since it's one of my 2016 goals, having a favourite clothing item is unavoidable. For me it's this Oversized Boyfriend Shirt from ASOS. I like the slouchy feeling of it over some black skinny jeans and a pair of funky flats. It was quite difficult to not wear this all through April. 

Finally, two other random things that I enjoyed this month. First is a TV Series that I can't get enough of - Brooklyn 99. Light and funny 20 minute episodes that will simply make your day, especially Andy Samberg's character, Jake Peralta. Secondly is a book by Eli Shafak, The Architect's Apprentice. A very different kind of read for me set in Istanbul way back in the 16th Century. A boy from Hindustan made his way there with a White Elephant into the Sultan's Palace. Through an adventurous journey the boy rises from a menagerie boy to the highest ranks in the Palace. I highly recomend this read. 

What have you loved over April that I should try in May?

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