My Scarring Saviour | Argan Oil

Monday, 25 January 2016

This is something that I have never talked about on my blog before but now that I have found this miracle worker I feel like I have to. I have always had really bad skin since I was 12. I'm not going to say I had bad outbreaks of acne because I know that that is a serious issue for many and it wasn't that bad. However, I constantly had breakouts, spots and pimples on my cheek area and some on my chin and forehead. Firstly the amount of breakouts I get now is nowhere close to what it used to be like back then, but it has always been an issue regardless. Also, I have very fair skin that marks very easily and basically all that was on my face when I was twelve has left a mark on my cheeks. When I turned 18 and started getting into my 20s I started feeling more and more conscious about it.  Whatever I tried did not work and I hated my skin so much.

Last year...I know! So many years later....I decided that I was going to try harder and that there must be something out there that can help my skin look better and help me deal with the bad breakouts I was getting again. So I did my research and I found out all about the benefits of Argan Oil. This was the first time I was going to use an oil on my skin and I was terrified as we all have been told not to use oily products if we have bad skin because it will make it worst. Well, I have been told that and it is all lies.

Argan Oil has the power to regenerate skin, fading scarring including acne-related scarring and treat mild acne. I can honestly say that it lives to those expectations. Using it once daily as a moisturiser as part of my evening routine for about a year, my scarring has faded so much. One side of my face is completely clear and I only getting one or two spots or pimples during that time of the month. For this past year my skin was never oily but neither was it dry. I know that everyone's skin is different and not all products work the same way on everyone. However, Argan Oil is good for all skin types, even sensitive skin. Therefore, if you have the same skin issues as me I do suggest you'd give this a go because it's truly amazing.
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