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Friday, 8 January 2016
Left Image:

As part of 'Making use of all my wardrobe' goal I made an inspiration board on pinterest with all the looks that I like and would like to try. I recreate the outfits with items I already own so as to revive the pieces I have rather than buying new ones. This is the first outfit I wanted to recreate.

Trendy but very easy. The model has got plaid trousers, I used diamond print trouser instead from Primark. The next item is the plain white shirt which you leave tucked out. My shirt is also from Primark. Over it you wear a jumper, any colour I happened to have a blue from Primark. Leave the shirt's collar open and pull it over the jumper, roll up the shirt and jumper sleeves together. The model is wearing loafers which I could have worn but I thought it was wiser to wear boots (ASOS) as it was pouring.

Pretty simple. Actually my explanation is not really required but I did it for the sake of it.
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