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Monday, 11 January 2016

This is the first January in my life when I'm not preparing for exams or desperately writing assignments with the hope that I meet all my deadlines. I have to admit, it's quite a feeling although I do miss it at times. My exam preparation was quite a ritual and it always worked. In the hope that it works for you too here are my exam preparation tips.

1. Make flow charts, diagrams, point form notes. 
While studying I used to turn everything into points, diagrams or flow charts. This is the best way to create a visual image of things which makes it easier to remember. Having this short rendition of all the study content also helps for quick revision before the exam and in my case it is also easy to carry them around with you just in case you have some spare time.

2. Highlight...highlight...highlight. 
I am a bit of a highlighter freak but I do it in a very organised way. Basically I colour code my highlights in a way that informs we why the content highlighted is highlighted in the first place. For instance one colour would show that the content is super important, another colour would show that I cannot remember that particular content.

3. Practice on exams of the previous year
There's nothing better than getting samples of the exam from previous years and have a go at it. This will give you an idea how the exam will be set, the type of questions asked and the detail expected. Having done this before the exam will help you go for the actual exam with more confidence because you kind of know what to expect.

4. Talk about the content to others.
I'm not a big fan of study groups because I like studying at my own pace and in my own way. Instead I used to enjoy studying in the presence of someone. Rachel from Beauty and the Bird used to be my study partner at uni. Our tactic was not to study together but to study at the same time and when one of us had a problem we'd discuss and explain it to each other. It's handy because it's not just helping the other person but also talking about stuff means you've truly understood it and chances are you'll remember it.

5. Sort out you exam day
I used to be quite a planner when it comes to studying but when it came to the actual exam day planning was over board. Depending on the exam time I used to plan the time for last minute revision. More importantly I used to plan the time when I'd stop revising and just have some me time to wind down and calm down before the exam. Having such a plan really helps you have a structured frame of mind which is essential to feel calmer.

I hope you find these tips helpful and I wish you all a good luck!
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