5 Tips to Use More of Your Wardrobe

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

I got myself into this 3 month mission where I have to try and use all the items in my wardrobe, adopting some of the capsule wardrobe principles plus other things that I thought of will help do this.

1. Nothing Goes Out, Nothing Goes In
I'm not clearing my wardrobe as yet but I will not be shopping for new things. When you buy new things you automatically forget the other stuff and use the new items. So, without shopping all the focus will be on things I already have.

2. Swapping and Flipping
When in a hurry you just grab the first thing you find when you open the closet. To make sure that the first thing I find is not the same shirt, from time to time I will swap clothes around. There are many ways you can do this. You can swap different piles of clothing, you can flip a pile so the item at the bottom is on top. What I'll be doing is when putting clothes back in the wardrobe after washing I do not put them on the top of the pile but at the bottom.

3. Planning Outfits
You can avoid 'grabbing the first thing' altogether by planning outfits beforehand. Take the time to look into the wardrobe and search through all your items. Try to pick something different than the usual; that's the whole point of this.

4. Try-on time
If you are going to wear something that you haven't worn in a while give yourself time to try-on. Having this time means that if you don't like how something appears you will have time to choose something else rather than grabbing the usual item you're comfortable in because you're late.

5. Inspiration Boards
This is what I'm excited most about. Get fashion inspiration from magazines, online pictures, people around you...anything. Recreate those outfits with what you own. This will inspire you to use your different items to recreate a variety of styles and looks. I created an Inspiration Board on pinterest and whenever I see something I like I pin it there. Then every time I am about to see what I'm wearing I open one of the pins and recreate the look. I already started doing this and it is very exciting because it helps you see the potential your current wardrobe has.
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