2016 Goal: No Shopping for 3 Months

Monday, 4 January 2016
Image: Kate Bosworth's Closet

One of the major online trends last year was the 'Capsule Wardrobe'. I like the concept and I became an addict; my youtube can practically type 'Capsule Wardrobe' independently. My addiction partly stems from my admiration to those taking part in this challenge. Most of them have reduced their wardrobe to around 37 pieces. Although I had a massive clear out last June before I moved to London, my wardrobe is still far from 37 items. However, like the Capsule Wardrobe People (as I shall call them) I like all the pieces in my wardrobe. Being happy with my wardrobe doesn't mean I use all of it, in fact most of my items can say they are slightly abandoned. Which brings me to my first 2016 goal: 

I want to make use of all the items in my wardrobe. 

There I said it! How will I do this? Well, I'm joining the Capsule Wardrobe People Association (yes I just made that up) and follow through the main concept; the 3 month rule. While I decided that I am happy with all I own and would not like to clear out any thing else, I also made the heartbreaking decision to not shop for the next 3 months. This is quite a challenge given that I am a shopaholic and I love myself a good bargain. During these 3 months I will make note of any items that I feel I always found myself needing. That way next time I shop I will not splurge on anything that looks nice (and after 3 months of no shopping everything will most likely look nice), but instead get those things that I really need. It will also be a true test to whether I need all of the items I have or not. Anything that I could not include in an outfit will be gone.

This a good challenge to set to yourself. It will give you a good idea of what you need and don't need in your wardrobe, it inspires you to change your outfits and be creative with what you have and it will also save some good money. Triple win! I'm really excited about this goal, very different than the usual 'I want to be healthy and exercise more' goals, which usually last less than a week.  

The burning question is; how will you ensure you make the most of your wardrobe? The answer to that may be quite long which is why next Wednesday's post is all about that. 

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