Blogmas Day 11| Top 5 Christmas Movies

Friday, 11 December 2015
I am a total freak when it comes to Christmas movies.  Starting the 1st of December I enter a Christmas Movie marathon and I make sure that by the 25th I watch as many as possible.  Amongst the new ones I watch each year there always the staple movies that without them you can't really say Christmas has arrived.  That list can be quite long for me so I am narrowing it down to a top 5.  Choosing 5 was very hard, so I will not make things harder by giving a numerical preference.  They all are equally important to my Christmas time (very deep!).

1. Miracle on 34th Street. I have watched this every Christmas since I can remember and yet I still have not had enough of it. I probably never will.

2. Elf. For a good Christmas laugh on Christmas day. As soon as Christmas is over I start getting excited for the next one to watch this again. 

Image result for the Santa Clause
3. The Santa Clause. Another Christmas classic. Must watch with mulled wine, mince pies and warm blanket.

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4. The Santa Clause 2. Of course, the sequel. You can never have enough of Santa Claus.

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5. The Polar Express. Truly magical. I wish I got on that train.

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