The Chronicles of Moving part 1

Friday, 10 July 2015

I am definitely not the first, nor will I be the last to be moving away from their home to a different place.  Today week I will be already in London where I be living for years to come for sure.  I will not be alone thankfully, me and my boyfriend are in this together.  Regardless of how many people take this step everyday, it does not cease to be difficult, scary or any of the other feelings.

There are many stages to moving away.  Each step becomes bigger and scarier and that is what very few people tell you.  We have been planning this for the last two years or so which is good enough time to prepare ourselves the best way we can, not that it makes things any easier.  It started out with a dream, a wish that we both wanted to fulfil and I am still surprised and slightly in denial that I am actually only 6 days away from the big day.

Over these 6 days I will try and chronicle the whole journey.  By 'journey' I mean I am going to share tips that can help you if you are going to be doing the same thing.  In this post though I only want to give you one tip; don't be scared.  When the idea first emerged I was so excited, I still am but that excitement is easily overcome by other stronger emotions.  Especially these last couple of weeks in which I was packing my life here and saying goodbye to so many people, I have to be honest, I wasn't excited all the time.  So be prepared, you will naturally feel this way as you make your way through stored memorabilia, when you see your parents shed a tear as empty your wardrobe or when you watch your friends walk away from you for the very last time.

I don't want to put you down or in any way demotivate you, I just want to be honest.  It doesn't matter how much you want this it will still be a difficult thing to be doing at a certain point.  What matters is how you react.  Always go back to your first decisions, the reasons why you took them and the happiness such a decision has given you.....
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