The Chronicles of Moving part 2

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Moving will not only cause emotional turmoil but also financial turmoil...ask your bank account.  If you're moving out of your parents' house especially, this will be the first time you will be paying bills, shopping (grocery...boring) and all of that grown up stuff.  You need to revise your budget and expenditures on unimportant things (I feel like an economist). 'I am saving up!' has to become your answer to questions like 'Do you want to go on holiday?' 'Shall we go on a shopping trip?' Here are some things I did to save without becoming miserable.

1. Open up a savings account - a  type of account that you can withdraw money from using your card.  I could transfer money in and out of this account using internet banking but I could never see anything in the shops I liked and use it to buy stuff. Of course I used to keep some money in my withdrawal account, but not more than €100 just in case.

2. Only take a small amount of cash - When I go out I do not take a lot of money with me, just the right amount to whatever I'd be doing (i.e. bus fare, coffee, etc).  The lack of it will keep you from buying the unnecessary things.  To some people it may sound a bit to limited, but it's a good way to save cash and to stop you from over spending.

3. Stick to a monthly budget - this of course depends on your monthly earnings if you have any.  I love shopping and not shopping at all would have only make me miserable and put me at risk of binge shopping one day when I feel like I've had enough.  So, just to satisfy my shopaholic parts I gave myself a monthly budget of €50.  I know it is not a lot but you'd be surprised what you can get for that amount.  Firstly I always shop online because it allows me to compare prices and look out for true bargains before I make the actual purchase.  With discounts and all of that I used to purchase quite a good number of items from places like ASOS and topshop.

4. Keep a list of the things you really need - I'm sure this does not apply to only me; sometimes as you go through your wardrobe or makeup collection you realise that you need something.  I used to write that in a small notebook so when I am then scrolling through all my favourite shopping websites and everything looks worthy of going into my basket I first take a look at that least.  That way I'll avoid buy stuff and then reverting to the excuse of 'But I really need this and it's so worth it!'

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  1. Great tips!! It is so important to save, especially when you live in a super expensive city!