The Chronicles of Moving part 3

Sunday, 12 July 2015

While you're saving all your resources to survive the big move, it is a good idea to acquaint yourself to the place you're going to and the system of things. Getting to know where you're going to be living will help you set your mind better and allow you to prepare all the necessary things before you go; documents, the right things to pack, etc. 

1. Ask a friend/ relative who lives there - Someone who lives there is a good source of information about the daily living in that particular place.  They may also know how to go about finding places to live, setting up bank accounts, finding work, paying bills. First hand experience is very useful and motivating, because if someone else did it before you you will too. 

2. Read about it - If you don't know anyone there you can always turn to best-friend internet.  Blogs can be your first hand experience source.  Plus, use the internet to find out about different areas of the place you will be going to so you can see where to avoid and where to look for (especially a place like London).  A lot of websites will also have information about what to do to find jobs, to find a place to rent, what documents you need, what bills you need to pay and how and all that jazz. 

3. Visit information offices - If you live in country within the EU and you're moving to another EU country there should be EU Direct Agencies.  We did not plan to visit EU Direct but one day we were passing by and decided to go in...nothing to lose.  Thankfully we did!  The internet does give a lot of info but these agencies are specialised to give the right information and advice specifically about the place you are moving to.  They answered so many of our questions and helped us get a clearer frame of mind. 

4. Visit the place - Out of all of these I think this is the most fruitful especially if you've never been before.  a) You get an idea of the surroundings b) you get a small taste of the environment you'd be living in (good for psychological preparation) c) you get a better idea about how to go about things like using public transport etc.  If the day we move had to be my first time in London I think I would go crazy.  Having been before prepares me to what I am going into. What helped the most though was going through certain processes that we will be going through as from next Thursday.  Basically we booked appointments to view properties that we would be interested in even though it was to early to rent.  Now we know better what to look for, where to look for, what questions to ask, and what references and documents we need.  

Being prepared saves time and energy.
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